What I'm Reading Now, First Edition

Books are a part of my day-to-day life. In addition to the many picture books I read in a day, I also keep a stack of reading beside my bed, a book in the diaper bag, and a few stashed throughout my living room. I’m rarely far from something to read, sneaking snippets of novels while swirling water over the coffee in my chemex or cooking dinner, enjoying short stories and novellas while my son naps, and diving deep into long-held and new favorites before bed.

In short: I read. A lot. In addition to sharing my adventures reading with my son, I wanted to begin to share just a glimpse of what I’m reading in my downtime, in hopes that you may find a new book to try, or see an old favorite you may have forgotten. This First Edition of what I’m reading includes books new-to-me, as well as one favorite that I can’t help but reach for each fall, as the leaves turn from green to red and the air grows crisp.

The Female Persuasion, by Meg Wolitzer. I’ve been a fan of Meg Wolitzer since I first picked up The Interestings a few years ago. Her writing is compelling and rich with description and emotion. The Female Persuasion is a great example of what I love about her work, with compelling main characters exploring the ideals of feminism for the first time. While I’m not that far into the book, I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far, and am eager to see where Wolitzer takes these characters as we move through this book.

Eleanor Oliphant is Complete Fine, by Gail Honeyman. A friend of mine passed this one along to me, and while it took me a couple chapters to get into, I found it compelling enough to read it cover-to-cover in about two days. Eleanor is not a particularly lovable main character at first, but quickly endeared herself to me as she worked to find herself, making a good friend along the way.

Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist. I somehow turn to Niequist’s books every autumn, when the leaves start to turn and the light turns golden. Bittersweet has become one of my favorites as Niequist writes openly about chaos, change, and old homes, friends who become family and togetherness. This book is the essence of fall for me, the written equivalent of sun striking frosty grass in late October. I love how she weaves the minutiae of life into each essay, talking about cooking as easily as she writes about close friends and trips with her family. This is a book I like to tuck into while enjoying a cup of my favorite coffee.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my current reads with you next month! Find me on Instagram @deva_defined to share what you’re reading lately!